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Interior Redecoration

Whatever your needs regarding internal redecoration Prodecor can assist.
From wallpapering a feature wall, to a complete room or apply special effects paint to a room, we have it covered.
Your home, furniture and floor surfaces will be protected whilst works are in progress, with clean dust sheets and plastic sheeting to cover all surfaces and minimal too no dust as a result of using our dust free sanding equipment.
All materials used are professional trade paint brands such as Dulux, Johnstones, Tukarila, Little Green Company or any other product that is suitable for your project.

Exterior Redecoration

Prodecor loves a challenge and this type of work can be challenging Crumbling walls no problem we can repair by rendering where required. This will cover all aspects, painting your home with masonry paint and if scaffolding is required we will include costings within the quote provided. For less stress and peace of mind with no hidden extras. Windows and doors in your chosen finish. Sheds, log cabins beach huts, railway sleepers, decking, fences, garages and shop fronts. Both residential and commercial. Lime wash for listed buildings. Can also offer painted, stained and varnished finishes. Barn conversion redecorated with black barn paint to rejuvenate the exterior. What ever the challenge we are more than capable of turning your project vision in to a realality.

Plastering and Rendering

We are able to offer to fit coving, carry out plastering of ceilings and walls or minor repairs. This can be arranged prior to redecoration work commence. Remember the smoother your surfaces, the better the overall appearance of your freshly decorated home will look. We at prodecor want you to be happy with your end project.


I am able to offer a professional wallpaper hanging service with years of experience.
From a statement feature wall or unique mural to wallpapering the complete room. Attention to detail is taken to offer a flush, seamless finish that compliments the pattern and texture of the paper. There are so many interesting, colourful and imaginative wallpapers available. Wallpapering can transform a space, bringing your own personality, adding character and creating a mood.
There are also such an extensive range of textured or lining papers available. These can offer an alternative to method to camouflage uneven surfaces, imperfections to improve the final finish.

Wall Rock

If your having problems with condensation or mould in your home it is recommend installing wallrock thermal liner. This product that can eliminate these problems and can increase the temperature in your home. As more room warmth is retained at the wall surface at an earlier stage in the warm up phase there is far less opportunity for condensation to form on a cold wall and consequently a reduced risk of unhealthy mould growth. The surface of Wallrock Thermal Liner is longlasting, durable and suitable for applying paint directly to the surface,; although for a perfect finish it is recommended to cross line with Wallrock FibreLiner Original, Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth or Wallrock Fireliner which allows not only painting but also the application of decorative wallpaper.

Lime Wash Interior
And Exterior

What is limewash? Limewash is a simple paint type which is literally just made from natural lime and water. Lime wash is fundamentally made from naturally occurring limestone that has been crushed, burned and then mixed with water to create a putty. This putty is then traditionally aged and then thinned with water. Some limewash can have additives in them, and some not. Pigments are used for colour, using what are called alkali resistant ‘lime fast’ pigments, which are often made from natural earth pigments such as metal oxides. Limewash is a very traditional paint that has been used for more than a thousand years in many countries around the world. It was a staple finish to your Roman home. Limewash can be used for many applications both inside your house and for the exterior. Limewash is traditionally used on lime plaster and render, but can also be used over brick and masonry than has also been covered or repointed with mortar made from lime.

Dust Free Sanding

Experienced Painters and Decorators know that preparation is key to achieving a professional finish. Sanding is an essential element in preparation for ceilings, walls and woodwork. However it can be very messy if you don’t have the right equipment and knowledge.

Prodecor takes the hassle out of this task by using the Mirka dust free sanding system and this ensures that 99.9% of all dust is extracted from the environment into a dust extractor. Dust is removed as it is created, helping maintain a healthy, breathable environment during and after the sanding process.

The idea of dustless sanding sounds like a fantasy but it is real and has real benefits.

One of the biggest draw backs of having any decorating work carried out in your home or business is the amount of dust generated from old fashioned hand sanding of ceiling, walls and woodwork.

The amount of dust around the home or business can be quiet alarming. This normally means lots of dusting and cleaning up once the work has been completed.

Dust left in your home can also cause serious health risks. Many studies show that this can lead to many health issues and exasperate asthma

Mobile dust extractors are not only beneficial in reducing dust and airborne particules that can aggravate the respiratory system, but also reduces clean up for both me and the customers. Clean working environment and better work results can be achieved which ultimately leaves a lasting impression on the customer and leads to more recommendations.

Wood Stain And

Experienced Decorators Staining and Varnishing Woodwork. Over time, wood gets dull and requires some care. Bring it back to life and former beauty by staining or varnishing. Interior and exterior surfaces including floors, walls and furniture can be given a new lease of life and change your decor.

Specialist Paint Finishes

We are excited to offer Italian special effect paint service. The process has been around for many years and is an alternative to high end wallpapers. The various effects available offer a luxury finish to any feature wall or a room accent. Example of the types of effects are as follows.


  Sioloc suede


  Cimsyn chroma


   Textured Finishes

   Marco polo

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